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... cause it's cheaper than a designer!

You can create and edit your very own menu card and you don't need any graphical studies!

... cause your menu-card will be fancy!

All of the menu-card templates you can use in are designed by professional designers!

... cause it appears everywhere!

Make your own menu-card and use it in print and on your webpage and social networks!

... cause you can use multiple formats!

Create your flyer, edit your weekly menus, promote your happy hours or the chef's recommendation according to your menu-card design!

... cause you won't need a food photographer!

Use our preselected, extending, print-quality picture gallery with a lot of food and drink photographies and illustrations!

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Extra subscription

For restaurant franchises, catering and party-service companies

Without restrictions and with more advantages
If the features of our restaurant subscription won't be enough for you, choose our extra subscription and all of our limits disappear and we give you more help and support:
  • Limitless template usage
  • More menu-card formats and sizes
  • Fulfill unique requests
  • Support in webpage and Facebook embed
  • Create unique templates

Free consultation

Without restrictions

While with restaurant subscription you can use only one premium template, but with extra subscription you can use all of our premium templates and other formats will be available, too.


Extra előfizetőinknek vállaljuk egy egyedi, személyre szabott étlap elkészítését.

Creating unique menu-card

We assume to create a unique, personalized menu-card for our extra subscribers.

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for just opened restaurants!

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  • choose from 3 templates
  • Watermark on every appears
  • Only A4 sized menu card
  • Facebook embed not available
  • Homepage embed not available
  • Picture gallery not available
  • Practice menu card
  • Support not available
  • Helpdesk not available
  • Unique request not available
  • Unique menu card not available

Restaurant package

for restaurants, coffee shops, bistros

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  • selection of 3 pcs free and
    42 pcs premium template
  • choose 1 pcs premium template to use
  • More premium templates for:
    € 35 + VAT
  • Usable formats:
    A4, flyer, weekly menu, chef recommendation
  • Facebook and homepage embed
  • Picture gallery
  • Practice menu card
  • Support max. 1 hour / month
  • Helpdesk for Facebook embed
  • Creating unique menu card
    for an extra fee: € 70-160 + VAT depending on difficulty

Extra package

for restaurant franchises, catering and party-service companies

Request a

  • selection of 3 pcs free and
    42 pcs premium template
  • Limitless template usage
  • No watermark
  • Usable formats:
    A4, flyer, weekly menu, chef recommendation, sitting card, poster
  • Facebook and homepage embed
  • Picture gallery
  • Practice menu card
  • Support max. 5 hours / month
  • Helpdesk for Facebook
    and homepage embed if possible
  • Fulfill unique requests: editing letter sizes, colors, margins
  • Creating unique menu card
    1 piece of personalized menu card

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Unique request

Unique menu designs

If you haven't found the suitable menu style or you want to use a unique, exclusive menu card in our service, you just have to send your claims or we can choose some designs for you from hundreds of menu brochures and we can make you a tailor-made menu card.

The fee of making the menu card assumed the customer if you subscrived to restaurant package. Its price depends on the complexity of the menu design (usually between €70 and €160 + VAT). With extra subscription we assume to create one unique template which price is contained by the subscription fee.

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