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Make your own modern, prime, ready to print menu card even for free!
Print your menu card, send it to your printing-office or embed it even to your homepage or to your social network page!
Use it in an easy, treatable way! You can manage your content in your menu card design so you can see immediately the modifications how it will show on your printed menu.

Suggested for every
catering company...

... whom matters its menu card look neat.

... whom not wants to edit its menu in a word processor.

... whom wants to share its menu on a homepage and social network.

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Suggested because of...

... our menu brochures are prime and designed by professional graphic artists.

... our content editor is user-friendly and can be learned lightly.

... the edited menu cards are stored in our cloud network, so you can modify or extend it easily.


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Menu engineering: Designing in practice (part 2)

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Menu engineering: Designing in practice (part 1)

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Menu engineering: The preparations

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Unique menu designs

If you haven't found the suitable menu style or you want to use a unique, exclusive menu card in our service, you just have to send your claims or we can choose some designs for you from hundreds of menu brochures and we can make you a tailor-made menu card.

The fee of making the menu card assumed the customer, which depends on the complexity of the design (usually between €100 and €200).

Contact us in e-mail to get more info about unique menu designs!

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